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South Sydney Community Aid Services

Aims / Objectives of the Society

The objectives of our society shall are;
As per the South Sydney Community Aid Coop Ltd Registrar of Co-operatives as at 2.9.1994;

  1. Primarily, provide social welfare by assisting in the relief of poverty, distress, sickness, suffering, destitution or helplessness;
  2. Provide and inquiry, answering and advisory service to assist with the above objects;
  3. Co-operate with and assist in the co-ordination of groups and agencies working in the area;
  4. Sponsor and encourage continued research into needs of the community and apply those findings for the development of its’ programme;
  5. Focus attention on any social needs in the area and enable local residents to meet those needs;
  6. Stimulate and provide channels for individual and group participation in the development of services in the area;
  7. Stimulate and provide opportunities for the development of adult education in the area.

Members with other organisations

We are members of;

Community Development

SSCA-MNC continues to increase the number of projects running at our Neighbourhood Centre with the support of community partners, agencies and volunteers. We focus our attention on organising more Multicultural activities and encourage membership of our cooperative within the local community. Our aim is to assist the multicultural community by identifying areas of unmet need.

We provide the following programs and facilities;

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